It’s okay not to be okay!

Ah look what I found… I so needed to read/ hear / see this


Here’s a secret people don’t seem to want you to know… its okay to not be okay!

635908346636429433-1374568115_its ok not to be ok

You’re allowed to have bad days and sometimes not have your life together. You’re allowed to break down occasionally and just want to crawl under your duvet.

We all try and hide it when we can by telling ourselves and others that everything is okay because it is often much easier than falling to the floor and screaming like an uncontrollable child in a supermarket and crying on their shoes while shouting I’m not okay.

We avoid admitting certain things to others as we don’t want to seem weak or to worry anyone, but at the end of the day, when we are alone and crying, that’s when we fall apart.

And that’s okay!

If you want to cry, even if you have no idea why, that’s okay! Life is difficult and sometimes…

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