Yes I think I will do it again

So my adventure with switching to self hosted if almost ( I hope) near its end…and boy do I have stories, maybe a lawsuit, a lot of wtf and smh head moments etc.

I also need more help pretty please….

  1.  Where did you see this post?
  2. will you please comment something or anything on it
  3. let me know when/ if you see my response
  4. If you are a follower and if you had to restart following

really any information you can give is helpful

Thank you in advance!

30 thoughts on “Yes I think I will do it again

    1. I have no idea Steve, it was terrible! 6 hours to get 2 months of insurance and a bottle of water. It was the most disorganized cluster fuck I have ever seen, and the security guard tried to take my phone or I would have the pics maybe even video to prove it…they had no explanation, only “we are doing the best we can” huh?!?!??!

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  1. Seeing this in my WP reader as normal. Think it was only the first one or two after you switched that went astray (I signed up with email when you first switched but I don’t get email notifications, which is ok by me, because I only really use WP reader. Maybe the fact that I was already a follower overrides email?). 🙂


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