Taking Stock of Positives and Possibilities

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Don't Make It Weird

Living with chronic illness is an extremely isolating phenomenon. At times. It can also be spirtually empowering…at times. Drawing from the gut. And the soul. But, rebuilding in the wake of it’s realization eventually begins to feel less like Rebuilding, and more like Functioning. More like Survival, and less ‘getting back on track’. Maintaining, rather than shooting for the proverbial moon anymore. But, the good found here lies in your most basal presence. You, in barest form. When all else has been stripped away, everything we know of ourselves, down to the studs…you see and speak with the raw version of yourself. Head on. No airs. No pretense. No false pride. No cover of self talk and lifelong internal scripts or preconception. No walls. No hiding. No bullshit. It is nothing short of a blessing to be challenged in the unflinching manner of this depth.

Your worries and fears still…

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