When I first started writing this, I was going to call it “Big Brother get the hell out of my mouth”, but then I worried that people would be offended thinking that I was making a joke about incest.  This is NOT a post about incest, nor do I think incest is a joking matter!  It is however the post in which I finally show my ass, because I am tired of having technology SHOVED down my throat.

I should probably start at the beginning.

It’s time for my six month check up at the dentist.  (well it was time 2 months ago, but technology has made something as simple as getting my teeth cleaned a fricking nightmare)

For the past several years, I have seen the same dentist, same office, same staff, same same same.  Great!  This year though, two weeks before my appointment, the office staff called to say, they no longer accept my insurance, would I like to pay out of pocket or pick a new dentist?…..Seriously?!?!?  Did you just decide this?  Maybe a little bit of notice? and to be honest, I would like to hit you in the head with a dental tool if that’s an option.

Oh Grace, “we sent you an email in January letting you know that these changes were taking place.”

You mean you sent an email to the address ?!?!?

Hmm I will get right with you on checking that.  And it never occurred to you to try picking up the god damn phone to call me?… WHATEVER! apparently our relationship is over.

I called my insurance company to find out where I had to go.  Went through the push this for that and that for this game, only to be told I had to visit their website to pick a dentist.  That process alone took a month, but that is a whole different rant.  Finally, I made an appointment at this new dentist.  I am still smh at the last question the receptionist asked me before I hung up….”Is there anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable?”  …………..Like what?….. I responded, “yes, please be on time”….they weren’t.

I showed up for my appointment at 8 am, they finally called me at 8:30.  (The reason they were late is because the tv in the lobby wasn’t working)  ok?  smh…  I sat through new xrays, gum poking, etc, and and hour later was advised that because some of my gums were swollen I should have this procedure done which would go underneath my gumline for a more through cleaning.  Don’t worry though it will only cost you $465.00 (because you have insurance)…oh and here is a free new toothbrush for you.

Oral B Genius

FREE MY ASS!…. How about you keep the damn toothbrush and take $100.00 off my bill?

Oh But Grace, this is a SMART toothbrush, you just snyc it with your smart phone and it will help ensure that you are brushing in each quadrant of your mouth for the recommended amount of time, and you can also upload your records to your hygienist……Don’t believe me?  click the link ^^^^^^

to me this translates as….

Once you have given us permission to access your contacts etc we will spam the hell out of them trying to sell them a toothbrush as well.   We will work with facebook to be sure to include these ads on all of your friends pages too.

I am a smoker, and a massive coffee drinker.  I brush my teeth multiple times a day, for more than the recommended two minutes.  I don’t NEED anything to make me more comfortable in your chair.  I need you to clean my teeth!  I need you to be on time, or at least something close to it.


Of course, they couldn’t clean my teeth THAT day, they had to make another appointment.  Fine appointment made, be back in a week.

Oh I came back in a week alright…to be told that because I didn’t confirm my appointment via email, they had to cancel….. and yes I did give them the same email

My appointment has now been rescheduled for next week.  I walked out of the office and right back in telling them I would like to confirm my appointment.

About a week ago, my smart phone quit working and I have been patiently waiting for a replacement to be sent. (I am pretty sure the 200 texts I got from their office have something to do with the breaking of my phone)

I hope that next week, after my teeth are cleaned, all of this “shitty talk” will stop flowing out of my mouth.

In all seriousness though, I am not saying that technology itself is a bad thing.  I am saying that I want people to realize that nothing in life is free, and you might be giving up more control than your realize if you depend on it.

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Get your mind right, be present (borrowed)

Yesterday I posted about slowing down and needing a break.  I thought that technology was supposed to make things easier for us all?!?!?  Well with every good thing there is inevitably bad too right?  For example, the picture above is of a shelf in my office filled with photo albums that I had made for my daughters back when scrapbooking was all the rage. I have another shelf (almost as big) filled with scrapbooking SUPPLIES. You know scissors that cut every shape imaginable, corners, borders, acid free papers, photo safe glue, and boxes of unsorted pictures.

Ok Grace, here goes nothing!  Maybe you should scan the photo albums onto a hard drive and then just give each of the girls a hard drive for Christmas?  Sounds like a plan, until the scanner which is supposed to be wireless decides that it needs to be hardwired to function correctly.  Yep NO WAY is that cord gonna reach.  SON OF A BITCH!…. So I spent the next 3 hours rearranging my office so that the cord would reach.  (Yes I realize that I could use my laptop to do this but then I would have to figure out how to download all the drivers for my 1000 year old scanner, because my laptop doesn’t have a disk drive)  It seemed easier to move the office around.

I also thought about uploading them all to google drive and letting the girls download them on their own but my google drive is full.  How the hell could that be, I don’t even know how to use the damn thing, how could it be full?!?!?  (Another hour spent  investigating that)  Apparently, every picture I have taken with my “Mom you need to have a smart phone, smart phone” was automatically backed up to the cloud. 19736 of them to be exact!!!  Yes even the ones I thought I had deleted 3x because I never wanted to share them with anyone.  I could literally #feelthegreyhairgrowing.

I decided to take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and relax with more technology?!?!?  (Hey no one said I was very smart.)  “Let’s check out if the link you tried to put on twitter worked”…… Oh look a squirrel!  Some how I ended up reading a blog, then another, then another.  (We won’t comment on the amount of time I spent doing this or the fact that I literally spit/dripped/ no full on choked on my coffee while reading a couple of them.)  But the last one I read made me STOP.  I actually read it 2x, not because it was hard to follow, the writer is actually quite humorous, and one of her earlier posts caused the coffee incident.  I had to re read it because it contained a lot of good information that I  needed to think about considering my post from yesterday.  Her post was titled, Get Your Mind Right. Be Present. If you have a minute, check it out by clicking the link.

I’m gonna leave it at that.  No more thinking about tomorrow, or yesterday for the evening.  No more facebook, or instagram, or twitter etc.


The STRUGGLE is real

As if adulting wasn’t hard enough, try throwing technology into the mix.  Last week I posted a list of goals for October.  They were:

  1. Losing weight and improving my health
  2. Continuing to learn word press and webpage design
  3. Clean out my closet (finishing something I started a long time ago)

I ended my post saying that when you make a tremendous list you set yourself up to fail.  I was only going to make baby steps to make a few areas of my life more manageable.

bandicam 2017-10-12 18-43-34-071


In an effort to try to be more organized, I have been trying to use my phone to help me keep track of all these projects, but in an effort to have more free time and be more organized, I feel like my face is stuck in the phone ALL the time trying to learn how to coexist with technology.   OMG!  I am becoming one of THOSE people!

While I still have my previously mentioned goals, I have slightly revised them.

  1. Walk one mile every day (even if it’s a total of a mile, not a full mile at a time, it’s still more than I am doing now)
  2. While I still plan to continue learning wordpress and 10,000 other apps, I need a bit more structure to my plan. A schedule perhaps?
  3. Continue working on the cross stitch since it has actually been a major stress relief when I unplug technology for the night.
  4. Remember to laugh

This morning so far, I have walked a mile, drank 32 ounces of water, signed into wordpress, and laughed at myself for over an hour.  I think I will spend this week blogging about some of my technology faux pas.  Please feel free to read, share, and even comment on some of your own!