The STRUGGLE is real

As if adulting wasn’t hard enough, try throwing technology into the mix.  Last week I posted a list of goals for October.  They were:

  1. Losing weight and improving my health
  2. Continuing to learn word press and webpage design
  3. Clean out my closet (finishing something I started a long time ago)

I ended my post saying that when you make a tremendous list you set yourself up to fail.  I was only going to make baby steps to make a few areas of my life more manageable.

bandicam 2017-10-12 18-43-34-071


In an effort to try to be more organized, I have been trying to use my phone to help me keep track of all these projects, but in an effort to have more free time and be more organized, I feel like my face is stuck in the phone ALL the time trying to learn how to coexist with technology.   OMG!  I am becoming one of THOSE people!

While I still have my previously mentioned goals, I have slightly revised them.

  1. Walk one mile every day (even if it’s a total of a mile, not a full mile at a time, it’s still more than I am doing now)
  2. While I still plan to continue learning wordpress and 10,000 other apps, I need a bit more structure to my plan. A schedule perhaps?
  3. Continue working on the cross stitch since it has actually been a major stress relief when I unplug technology for the night.
  4. Remember to laugh

This morning so far, I have walked a mile, drank 32 ounces of water, signed into wordpress, and laughed at myself for over an hour.  I think I will spend this week blogging about some of my technology faux pas.  Please feel free to read, share, and even comment on some of your own!

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