Please put more on my plate?!?!

When you are making “to do lists”, it is important to prioritize your tasks so that you don’t get overwhelmed, however, sometimes due to other circumstances ,or other people’s influences (which happens all to frequently for me) it seems that everything has to be done at once.

  1. My kiddo is getting married in March.  The date is picked, event is planned, and everything is paid for, now it’s a matter of waiting for it to happen.  (Which as that day draws closer will cause a whole new TO DO list to be created.) but for now I can let that rest.  My kiddo is hyper organized and I’m really just here to do what she asks of me and for moral support.
  2. Botox Surgery– Yah this date has come and gone thankfully, but I DID NOT expect the 15 lb weight lifting limit for 2 weeks.  (yeah that’s not gonna work for me)
  3. Getting off the Grace/Einstein roller coaster.  (My body kind of decided this one for me).  I have realized that when the heart and brain argue, it’s really the liver that pays for it.  I have finally figured out where I will be living, but not all the logistics of it yet.  It’s the fricking middle of winter Grace, GREAT timing!!!!…smh
  4. Planning my trip to Boston and blogging about it.  (This has been temporarily tabled for now.)  Airfare is purchased, and sleeping arrangements have been made and “paid for”.  More about that later though.  (I will get to finishing the posts about that but again, tabled for now)
  5. The newest, most pressing issue is that my father is having his shoulder replaced next week.  It’s funny, I have literally had over 40 surgeries in my life and for the most part, I take the procedure and recovery in stride, but I am losing my shit about my DAD having surgery.  I really can NOT handle my loved ones going through pain.  I would gladly take his place, ok well maybe not gladly, but if he could avoid it, I would certainly step in his place.

On a positive note, I have the time to be there.    I HAVE to be there.  As I mentioned before, I am always the patient.  I know the rules for that.  I know that I have to fast for at least 12 hours before surgery.  I know that I can’t wear make up, jewelry, deodorant etc.  I know most of the staff in the surgery center of my local hospital by name, and I even know some of their children’s names.  I know the drill.  But NOT this time.

My father’s surgery is being performed at their local hospital (an hour away).  I  don’t know the doctor, or the doctor’s abilities.  I don’t know the staff, I don’t know….oh my god I just don’t know.  I do know my role as a patient, but I don’t know how to be the one on the outside waiting.  Any advice? Please?

  • Update

Surgery is being rescheduled……. (at least I got the call before I drove all the way out there). Doesn’t make me any less nervous though



8 thoughts on “Please put more on my plate?!?!

  1. My only advice is to recognize that this is not in your hands and you can’t control it. So control what you can and have a little faith in the rest. i.e., the doctors, your father’s determination to recover. You are there unconditionally for him you can’t do more than that although it is admirable how much you want to


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